It’s hard not to judge a book by its cover.

In the novel Fahrenheit 451 the government burn the books because according to them you do not need it, they will instead entertain you with something else. The way I see it the government does not want the people become so damn smart thus start a revolution, I mean if the people starts reading they will then think and speak and demand something from the government. All I’m saying is books are if written well a powerful tool to open a different kind of world, meet extraordinary people and tell stories or adventures beyond your imagination.
So put on your reading glasses and let’s get started. Today I will give you my


In this list- obviously, I will base it on all the books that I’ve read however I will limit it to one book per series and if you have some books you’d like to share, please comment below.

10. Harry Potter and the Deathly Hollows.
J.K. Rowling

It made me imagined myself talking English the Hermione way but you know, things are better with magic.

Deathly Hollows concludes everything- it ended in a satisfying way that it left you wanting to read it all over again, not because you didn’t understand what just happened but because you didn’t want to let go of it yet. You wanted to relive the first day in Hogwarts, the quidditch matches, the parts where you thought it would be Harry and Hermione up to the end, where you hated Snape just as much as you looked up and respected the greatest wizard of all time- Albus Dumbledore, the surprise you got when he just died in front of you, cause you know, he is the greatest wizard for Christ’s sake! The guilt that followed realizing that Severus Snape just did what he had to do and when they’ve defeated he-who-must-not-be-named. Separation anxiety indeed, that’s what it is. You just can’t believe it is finish and you’re left asking, what now? And I know that 10 years after this entry Harry Potter will still be in my Top 10, ALWAYS.

9. Five People You Meet in Heaven
Mitch Albom

I’m not a religious person and all but I strongly believe in heaven, not sure about hell though.

A very touching story about Eddie and his five stages of Heaven. I kinda felt connected with this book, like how Eddie knew that there are no random events in life and all individuals and experiences are connected in some way and I think it’s cool that you’ll get to choose your heaven or rather what seems to have more meaning to you when you were alive. I actually like how Mitch Albom writes about life, faith, love and whatnot without sounding too righteous about it and the way he delivers those lessons in rich words, in a good book such as this.

8. Diary of a Wimpy Kid
Jeff Kinney

Like the movies, first installments are always the best installment in a series.

Start of school and everyone wants to blend in or be someone big and popular and that someone, is Greg Heffley but it seems all his efforts are failing and his sidekick-friend, Rowley is taking all the glory for himself- or at least that’s what Greg thinks. Growing up is a hard thing to do and when you’re short, weak and wimpy you need to work on it 2x over and all the more complicated if you’re competing with your friend. It’s an illustrated kid’s book that I guess most kids can relate to. I like the series’ debut because it’s candid and funny, sometimes with a hint of sarcasm but entertaining.

7. We Need to Talk about Kevin
Lionel Shriver

This book is depressing, depressingly good.

Story about Eva who never wanted to become a mother in the first place but had to cope with it because it’s already there. In the book it’s clear that Eva, Kevin’s mother didn’t want her son, not at all and she thinks that maybe, this is the reason Kevin turned out a monster. Lionel Shriver wrote it in a fashion that is confusing and slow but after a chapter or two you’ll get the hang of it. Eva narrates the story in random events to her husband that I think gives the impression of the unwritten story behind it. By the time Eva unfolds the event before the “major event” it broke my heart, it really did. I like this book, because I felt the need to talk about it with someone, to say that- you know what? I can somehow relate to this book like how Eva was afraid that she might not feel anything if her phone rings one day and brings a terrible news, like someone close to her just died or something. I like to talk about it, the story, the words, the characters. I don’t know if you understand what I mean, but the story just moved me in that way.

6. Hunger Games
Suzanne Collins

My first and maybe the best dystopian novel. I tried reading Divergent, 1984 and the likes but none holds the same connection as Hunger Games.

Although I didn’t like how the series ended nonetheless it was a great book. I like Katniss’ personality, so reserved and distant, Peeta and his good-naturedness, the way he affects people and Katniss, he kinda reminds me that humans are redeemable. I’m more of a Katniss-Gale shipper. Not for the romance but for the friendship, I like those types of friendships. The ones that goes well beyond friends and lovers, ones that has more meaning and depths. It gives a sense of commitment without any obligations and contracts and give-something-in-return feeling. But sadly Gale, in his most annoying reason disappointed me in the end. It’s a fast-paced read, I finished it in two days and by the time the game finale is nearing I’m on the edge, I can’t put the book down as I’m afraid it will end without me. You see, it’s not the plot sometimes, or the settings either. It’s the relationship that you and the character have had in those two days that made the difference.

5. High Fidelity
Nick Hornby

This book got lots of lines or quotations that hits too close to home and I love it.

My top five reasons why I recommend this book.
1. Because it is not really a love story, it’s about pop music, vinyl and mix tapes. Very vintage.
2. Rob and I, we’re meant to be together. Maybe in another alternate world or something. We both belong in a world where everyone should be really happy or really miserable and none in between.
3. Every words, sentences and paragraphs felt very familiar, I could almost claim to be saying it myself.
4. The dark comedy, the ugly truth and the quiet moments.
5. And this – I’d saw there were millions like me, but there aren’t.

4. Kite Runner
Khaled Hosseini

It’s not the war that damages people, it’s the aftermath.

A combination of historical and fictional events about the life in Kabul, Afghanistan. This is a must read but I should warn you that this book is kinda dark and depressing given that unsettling events happened in the story. And as I’ve mentioned I have a thing with deep friendships that has been broken by certain circumstances, I have a thing with people whose lives are so broken that life itself is a wasteland but it did end with a sort of happy ending or at least the beginning of it. I would honestly say that I was expecting a tragic ending to it because of its strong start, not that I don’t like happy endings it’s just that I liked the book in some sick and twisted way and that tragedy would have sealed the deal to a number 1 spot.

3. Tuesdays with Morrie
Mitch Albom

I remember simpler times with this book, a kind of nostalgic feeling. I remember reading it after school or at night before sleep. I remember that it’s the first book that taught me how to read books.

I like it because it didn’t suggest hope or any cheesy stuff about the dying person, it didn’t use the pity card where in your heart will just go out for the person thus making you cry, in its subtle way (for me) it is actually telling you to suck it up and get over it. Of course when you’re dying you see things differently, we can’t help it, it is a way of showing you that time has passed and that life taught you more than you think it did. I wish I could view life the way Morrie Schwartz did, I wish I could detach myself from feelings I no longer need, and I hope to accept that death is part of the deal and that sooner than later it will end. But I can’t, maybe at least not now, maybe if death is hovering over my head then I will see things that way, but not today.

2. Storm of Swords
George R.R. Martin

You bet it’s because of the Red Wedding. Out of the 5 books in the Song of Ice and Fire series, Storm of Swords has the most controversy, game of power and politics and deaths.

You know when you feel something terrible will happen, that there’s something about how the author wrote the following events. From how easy it was to forgive Robb, the surprisingly lovely bride to be, how Catelyn noticed the people who is not present in the wedding, the emphasis that Grey Wind was not allowed in the hall, cause quite frankly you wouldn’t have noticed if the wolf is there or not, the calmness of the moment like it’s just another day to get through. You know something’s amiss and yet it did not prepare you to the inevitable, to the next words, sentences, paragraphs and pages. I was so taken by that chapter I had to stop reading the book for one good month, I was so upset about the whole thing I just couldn’t bring myself to finish the damn book and that, I think is what you called writing. The connection you make with your reader, the exact emotions you wish to get from them once they’ve read your book, how they can be seemingly predictable but then will slap your face with the hard truth saying “nope that’s not what’s going to happen , you see now why I wrote this shit and you’re the reader?”

1. The Red Queen
Philippa Gregory

The book that thought me if you want something too impossible to make, just pray hard for it, for surely you will get it and boy she did.

Lady Margaret Beaufort, a pious woman who believes that she is some kind of Joan of Arc and that God has destined his son to be the rightful King of England, but make no mistake she didn’t just prayed her son’s way to the throne. Allegedly she killed the Princes in the tower of London, betrayed Queen Elizabeth by being a spy and a lady-in-waiting at the same time, connive with the usurpers- well technically his son was the usurper. She’s a classic example of a righteous person who thinks that whatever she did, she did in the name of God, a kind of person whose beliefs are clouded by greed, envy and bitterness. The funny thing about this book is that even though it is clear that Lady Margaret is not the kind of character you’d root for, I found myself praying with her, hoping that one day Henry Tudor will succeed with his cause and that people, his people will rally behind him. I found myself entertained with her snide remarks about Queen Elizabeth, believing the malicious rumors she spread around about the Woodvilles. How I was in reverence the way she prayed for his son, for the defeat of the Royal Family, for the souls of the people who had wronged her family, the implicit way she twist God’s words and that somewhere along the passages she has lost it. A good story telling of the history, rich with controversy and scandal.


10 Best Romantic-Comedy Movies

{DISCLAIMER}: This list is solely based on my opinion.


Sarah Geronimo and John Lloyd Cruz’s It Takes a Man and a Woman will hit the theaters on March 30, 2013 and in the name of promoting a romantic comedy movie such as this I listed some of the best rom-com movies for the last 25 years. And what better way to start it with….

10. Just My Luck



This is the last movie I ever saw her as herself, you know the sober, fun, spirited and beautiful girl, just like the old Lindsay Lohan I used to love! Although this movie didn’t help much to make a huge come back and to make things worse she received her first Golden Razzie nomination for Worst Actress. And why the hell did I include this in my list? Because I have a thing for broken people! Besides it’s not that bad. It’s actually funny and sweet.

9. Pretty Woman



I’m not sure but if being a hooker is all it takes to have Edward Lewis [Richard Gere] in my life then I’d gladly and patiently stand on the streets of Hollywood Boulevard, of course that is, if I’m as pretty as Vivian Ward [Julia Roberts]. Kidding aside, it’s a feel good movie, the kind that inspires you, a classic tale of rags to riches in a romantic and funny way, a lot better than Runaway Bride.

8. Hitch



Two things come into my mind when I hear the name Will Smith; Aliens and Bad Boys. So when I saw this movie, it’s just totally refreshing. I love the movie; it’s just so hilarious I almost forgot that it’s actually a rom-com and not a comedy flick. The movie depicts that you don’t need a love doctor or even a date doctor to get the girl/man of your dreams; you just have to be yourself when dating someone and get to know each other along the way.

7. Going the Distance



Of all the entries in this list, Going the Distance comes a little closer to reality. Sometimes long distance relationships ends not because of lack of trust and commitment, it’s simply just not working, plus in an economy that is in recession it’s hard to turn down a job just because you love someone and wish to be with them. Garrett [Justin Long] realizing that he hates his job starts to look for another one whilst Erin [Drew Barrymore] struggles to find a stable job herself. Justin and Drew didn’t really have the chemistry in the silver screen but the movie somehow made it to highest grossing film of 2010, out of 324 movies they hit the 118th spot. Not bad!

6. 10 Things I Hate About You



Julia Stiles and Heath Ledger are charming together in this film. One of the best teenage flick during the 90’s, the kind that didn’t involve too much sex, drugs and bullies, but rather shows the fun and joys of being a teenager. You can also watch Julia Stile’s Prince and Me, it’s equally good I just opt to include this movie instead, because of one particular scene, when Patrick [Heath Ledger] serenaded Kat [Julia Stiles] with his performance of “Can’t take my eyes off of you” in the soccer field. That is just so sweet, don’t you think?

5. The Wedding Singer



Who doesn’t know the song “Grow Old with You”? This has been the theme song of countless wedding events or wedding proposals and surprisingly I met someone, who admittedly say that she didn’t know the song, not until the Zoren – Carmina wedding. I won’t tell you the name but I’ll give you a clue; somewhere between sunny and rainy, you go figure. Going back, like the song I treat this movie as some bad-ass classic movie with a great soundtrack. I find it sweet and heartwarming When Robbie Hart [Adam Sandler] confessed his love for Julia Sullivan [Drew Barrymore] after singing “Grow Old with you” inside the plane and in front of all the passengers.

4. Sweet Home Alabama



I so love Reese Witherspoon, Josh Lucas and that southern “drawl” accent. I don’t really believe that love is sweeter the second time around but I guess it really does happen, and I admire how the movie beautifully put everything into place for Melanie [Reese Witherspoon] and Jake [Josh Lucas], I like how Melanie – who even after seven years find herself still in love with her “supposedly” ex-husband, not the sudden type thing, it’s more like fate, if not destiny. The main lesson here is to not let your partner see their ex to avoid that “epiphany” moment in their life. 

3. Knocked Up



What is a rom-com list without Katherine Heigl in it? It seems to me that she left Grey’s Anatomy to make a bunch of rom-com movies! From Life as We Know It and The Ugly Truth to 27 Dresses and One for the Money, I’ve come to know her as the girl who falls in love with a guy and live happily ever after before the movie credits starts rolling in. I believe this is the “best among the rest” rom-com movies that she ever made and Seth Rogen played his character effectively. I had a handful of laughs for this movie but when you actually think about it, the story itself is no laughing matter! You got yourself pregnant out of a one night stand; you try to or maybe force yourself to love each because of the baby which ends up a lot messier.

2.  Easy A



3 reasons why I love, love, love this movie

This person – Emma Stone

This quote – Olive Penderghast: Whatever happened to chivalry? Does it only exist in 80’s movies? I want John Cusack holding a boom box outside my window. I wanna ride off on a lawnmower with Patrick Dempsey. I want Jake from Sixteen Candles waiting outside the church for me. I want Judd Nelson thrusting his fist into the air because he knows he got me. Just once I want my life to be like an 80’s movie, preferably one with a really awesome musical number for no apparent reason. But no, no, John Hughes did not direct my life. And

This song– Pocketful of Sunshine.

1. 50 First Dates



Well what can I say I’m a Drew-Adam shipper! Reuniting after 6 years from The Wedding Singer, they still have that easy chemistry on screen. This is by far the most hilarious, touching and sweet romantic-comedy movie I have ever seen. The very meaning of “romantic comedies”, for those who are close to me, knows that when I laugh hard, I cry! Not the emotional tears of joy type of cry. I literally cry as if I’m watching a very sad and depressing movie, so basically I cried laughing while being touched by the warmth of the movie making it really some kind a heart-breaking sad movie.


* Now That I Have You



I included a local film as a bonus entry. A story on how being persistent and consistent can help you win a chance in love with the love of your life -well at least that’s how Betsy [Bea Alonzo] sees Michael [John Lloyd Cruz]. Bea and John Lloyd collectively known as LaBers had (and I think they will always have) an overwhelming chemistry in this movie. Bea was surprisingly funny and somewhat playful in this movie which I think works fine, so the audience can easily relate to the story. And John Lloyd like the best actor he is -portrayed his character neat and convincingly.

10 Fascinating things about Fans that you probably didn’t know, that you should know.

I’m a fan from my skin down deep to my bones, and not everyone understands that it’s just not a hobby, it’s a BAD HABIT so bad like a member of some MAFIA you can’t quit unless of course, you die and since I’ve been reading a list of 10 things of just about everything I decided to make my own version of it.

{WARNING}: This is just for fun, not everything is necessarily true. Some might not have experienced it and some might have. Nonetheless this is just for fun.


10. Faction

We don’t get ourselves affected if Sarah said ok fine I love Gerald, We don’t get ourselves involve if Sarah said yes Rayver cheated on me. You know what we do? Nothing! Yes, nothing! You know why? Well because we’re a part of that whole Faction, and guess what? That Faction whether you like it or not is part of Sarah. So technically part of us is a part of Sarah, which technically means we’re automatically affected and involve because of her. We don’t like redundancy, do we?

9. Shameless

Contrary to the beliefs that fans are unashamed when people look at them and realized they are fans of some artist, truth is they are actually embarrassed with what they are doing, standing there for hours, shouting the artist’s name and carrying that big tarpaulin. And it’s not helping when people belittle and see them as some low life person who follows someone else’s life and so because of this I came up with….

8. Pride

They don’t let other people see that shamefacedness, they’ve got their pride and this my friend is something that they do out of love, because love needs something in return, we just don’t get to have it and not sacrifice something in return. So they stand up, they exalt the idea that it’s fun to be a fan. After all, the over flowing love and support for the artist is not meant to be kept inside. That is why they have the strength to stand for hours, shout the artist’s name and hold that banner for as long as 3 long agonizing hours.

7. Happiness

They keep on saying they want the artist to be happy when in reality they want their selves to be happy. You know why I said that? Because 7 out of 10 fans will say “her [artist] happiness is my ecstasy” (well not the exact words but the same idea). So they actually use the star to find their own happiness and they just use the “supporting” part to justify that they are happy even without the artist. Of course they will not find happiness in the artist alone, what I’m saying is that they don’t recognize that sometimes when the artist is in good spirit , fans, are actually not.

6. Buying

They don’t buy everything that the artist sells, more so if it doesn’t help their daily living. Like Globe, I personally hate them. They don’t provide the quality service that Sarah promotes! And I remember trying that magnolia fruit drink, it’s awful! I don’t know how Sarah manages to smile after that drink but sure as hell I didn’t. So when the sales are high for a particular product don’t point your finger to the fans just yet.

5. Critics

People think that fans gives flattery to the artist like they will not run out of it. Actually no! That dress didn’t look good on her, she got fat don’t you think?, her hair is a mess, she sounds tired, is she tired?, she’s off tune, she looks horrible in that make up, she doesn’t look pretty today, what kind of interview is that?, is that suppose to be an answer? Did she actually have her nose fixed? Fans asked and say these things to the artist, well not directly to them, of course. But fans, like any other people criticize the artist for all intents and purposes.

4. Friendly

I believe fans are the friendliest person in the world. They talk to a complete stranger and are friends by the end of the day and they can also be the most evil friend that you once knew. I don’t know about you but if your “used to be” friend is an officer or close to an officer of the Faction I can guarantee, your name is off the list for good. Example: If there’s a mall tour, you better find yourself another friend that can help you enter the “box” otherwise you will be standing outside, tiptoeing just to get a glimpse of the artist and all you manage to see is her hair. I’m telling you its worst than being exiled.

3. War freaks

Fans are war freaks by nature, until they mature and realize, “boy, that’s stupid I should have known better”. I regard fans as the knights of some castle, the front line of some war, the defender of some King and for that matter it’s the artist. If an artist gets involve in a scandal or intrigue, it’s not the network that 1st create the so called “damage control” it’s the front line! They engage their selves in the “internet wars” defending the honor and legacy of the artist, building walls of truths against cannon balls of lies! Then the artist will say in an interview “No comment” and I was like what the hell!!! I’m wounded! Hand severed! And all you can say is no comment! That’s when they will start to mature and say “boy, that’s stupid I should have known better”.

2. Professionals

Sure some of them didn’t earn a bachelor’s degree, some is yet to earn it, and then there are those who got themselves a professional position, even a prime position in the dog eat dog society. So don’t assume that every fan is a domestic helper in some house hold, who only has a chance to mingle on Sundays. And what if that is the case? So what?! A house hold helper earns a minimum wage of 3k+ and have an annual salary increase, they contribute to SSS and is a member of PHILHEALTH, and according to the law they have working hours and should receive a pay slip. So they have the same frame or concept of work that a professional gets in a desk job. So stop acting like you’re a totally a different person, a notch higher than them, stop discriminating and this should help you look at fans on a different light. For all we know their employers really do increase their salary every year while the professional “you” wait for that increase, you and the helper already have the same salary.

1. Cult

Some people think that fans are almost the same as cults because they praise and glorify the artist in a Godly way. It is not exactly the same way, if truth be told it’s far from being a cult. According to Wikipedia cult is a pejorative term for a new religious movement or other group whose beliefs or practices are considered abnormal or bizarre by the larger society. Well to fans glorify means being proud with all the achievement the artist has achieved. Praise means complementing them about the good characteristics they present on and off the camera. So it’s merely admiring the artist with his or her talent and good personality not really singing songs of praise and believing in miracles type of belief, that


My partner and I went on a holiday 2 weeks ago, we went to Hong Kong and Macau. I can honestly tell you that I’ve had so much fun with this trip. We were there for 4 days and 3 nights, let me tell you that it wasn’t enough. Not in a sense that I want more time but we literally didn’t have much time to fulfill our itinerary.

We left Singapore around 6am and landed in Hong Kong almost 10am, We saw Heart Evangelista and Chiz Escudero at the immigration queue. I actually saw them first then I told Wendy (my partner) about them and she took a “paparazzi” picture and I scolded her saying we are not allowed to take some pictures in the immigration, I’m telling you this because we left the airport around 11am. You go figure what happens in between that time.

Good thing I read the news

Then we had some difficulty as well getting to our hotel, because we got lost in translation. No one can seem to understand us, well at least for those people that we asked. Then I was surprise on how some locals ignored us, I thought it was rude but then again it’s not your soil on the ground you have to adjust to the world. Anyway we found the hotel past 12pm so at this point were a bit late for our 1st stop which is Disneyland.

Like a child

We arrived at Disneyland almost 2 in the afternoon, took some pictures of the venue. I mean Wendy took pictures while me, I’m excited to be there it’s my first time so I looked around pretty much. It’s sunny yet the wind is cool that day which is perfect we took our lunch there then roam around. I first saw Buzz light year , and happily queue to get a snap shot with him. I would like you to see the picture to know what I mean when I said “happily” but I’d like to keep myself anonymous chos! haha! Then walk to hunt other Disney characters, they are not hard to find, what’s hard is to find them with a file of people but we’ve got no choice, do we? Let’s see, overall we’ve got a hold of Mickey and Minnie mouse, Buzz Light year, Tinkerbell and oh did I mention that she’s fascinating?, and that’s about it obviously queues on each character took all our time we were not able to get a snapshot with anyone else, not even the Enchanting Disney Princesses, but we saw them in the parade and without no exaggeration it was enchanting to meet them :).

Speaking of parade, this is the most wonderful part about the whole Disneyland thing. I was so happy with this parade I can almost borrow Charlie’s line in the movie Perks of being a wallflower. Seeing all those Disney characters come to life with a very upbeat happy song on the background, you know the type of soundtrack that you hear in Disney movies where everyone is having fun. I swear in that moment I was infinite! Really I was so happy like I was a child all over again. I couldn’t remove the smile on my face during the parade. We were at the Fantasy garden when the parade started, we ran as fast as we can because we don’t want to miss this program. Before the parade ends they stopped and called some kids to participate to the dancing and singing stuff. Woody, on the other hand saw Wendy trying to get a picture of him and so he posed.

After the parade, we went to Golden Mickey. It’s like a golden globe kind of program where they would highlight some of the cartoons that Disney made. They have categories and each of it will show a scene out of that movie. For example they have a category for Love so they cut a scene in Beauty and the Beast singing “Something There” then on the stage came out Belle and the Prince dancing to the tune of “Beauty And The Beast”. There’s Lilo and Stitch. Ariel and Sebastian, etc. I was expecting to see Ariel in the water not above the ground floating in the air haha! I saw Tarzan and I didn’t realized that he was a huge tall guy you know what I mean, in the cartoon sure he have some muscles but not all muscles haha! anyways it was like a 30 to 45 minutes show and it’s fun.

I forgot before we went to the Fantasy Land we went to “It’s a small world” another program for the kids that has a background song from the title of the program itself. The idea is to help you see different countries and continents by riding the boat. When your inside you will see different cultures and people singing the same song only on different languages depending on the country they are in. A lot of singing and dancing dolls, not in a creepy way, I must say. It’s basically seeing the world 🙂

We went to Magic Mickey, I guess? I forgot the name of the program, it’s a musical program where the main character is not Mickey Mouse but Donald Duck, he’s supposed to lead an orchestra with the help of Mickey’s magic hat. But the hat seems to have a life of itself because it keeps slipping Donald’s hands and as he chase the hat they also travel to different dimension or world, like it went under the sea with Ariel, then to the jungle with Simba and oh I forgot this program is like the ones in Universal Studios (USS) here in Singapore, the 3D stuff. So we wore 3D glasses and whenever there’s water splashing in the screen there’s also water splashing on our faces. The 3D is cool because it really did make everything seems so close.

So after that we went in souvenir shops because it’s getting late and the fireworks will start in an hour and a half. So better get those “pasalubongs” as we walk along the whole stretch we realized that there are some places that we hadn’t gone through yet like the Toy Story, Grizzly whatever (please bear with me I don’t remember the name of the places that much). So we checked it out, I didn’t realized that unlike USS there’s not much of rides in Disneyland I only saw a couple of it in Toy Story land to which my partner described “walang kwenta” I don’t like to take rides because I have fear of those things so she rode alone and I guess to her it’s only for kids too. You see Disneyland is for the kids and kids at heart so everything I guess, is harmless.

The last program is the Fireworks at Sleeping beauty’s castle. When we arrived in front of the castle a lot people is starting to file up so we looked for our spot but I had to leave Wendy there because her shoes is killing so I ran to get her slippers but when I got back the people already positioned themselves and sat on the pavement and I wasn’t able to squeeze myself in anymore so at the end we were not able to watch the fireworks together which is kind of upsetting specially to her because it’s supposed to be a sweet moment for us. Nonetheless I enjoyed the lights up above, you see I have a thing for lights. But I didn’t see much because there’s these tall guys in front of me I only wished Wendy had a good spot which she had apparently. It lasted a good 30 – 45 minutes I guess. What I’m sure is it’s the longest fireworks show I’ve ever seen.

And so the adventure in Disneyland ends. After this we went to the city at the Ladies market to get more pasalubong and of course see what their night market looks like. We took the MTR from Disneyland to Sunny Bay to Mongkok. By the way I super like the train from Disney to Sunny Bay so cozy, like how I like their Airport Express makes me feel that I’m traveling via train like the ones in the movies :P.

It’s almost 9pm when we arrived at the Ladies’ market and remember that I have a thing for lights? I so love the place because of the lights. It didn’t seem to be so dark to me at the time. It feels as if it’s daytime because of the lights and the people. A better version of Divisoria in the Philippines. There’s a lot of cheap things but we didn’t bought so much because we have this thinking that it’s expensive like the I love HK shirt cost around HK$100 but when we convert it to SGD it’s like S$16 only so a lot of numbers makes it expensive which is funny and interesting. We walked the whole strip of the street and bargained to the sellers, it’s kind of weird when they bargain like Wendy just went and asked how much the key chain is the lady said HK$80 so Wendy said ok thanks and were about to leave, when the lady grabbed Wendy’s arm and asked how much do you want? and Wendy said No, thank you but the lady insisted so Wendy just said 50 and then the lady said ok 50 get it!. Funny and scary at the same time, I would call it “brasohan” HK version.

That’s our DAY 1. It’s a long story because it has been a long and happy day. I will definitely go back to Disneyland I fell in love with the place and this time I want to watch the fireworks with Wendy and get a good spot. On my next entry I will tell you about our adventure in Macau!

She sits there

She sits there, not knowing what the future holds. She sits there reading but not really comprehending. She sits there thinking whats she’s thinking and not sharing whats on her mind. She sits there letting me be, holding what’s on her heart. She sits there while I sit here reading her, looking at her, trying to see what’s beneath the smile, analyzing the sentence, listening to her words with sarcasm. Listening but not really comprehending, listening but not really hearing every word, listening to her words, afraid of every word she’s uttering,.. She sits there ready to let me GO.

She holds my hand without any grip, she holds my hand but not feeling any of it, she stares at me but not seeing through me, she looks into my eyes but doesn’t mind the sadness within, she smiles but not really happy, she laughs with her empty heart, she looks at me, she walks with me, besides me but she’s somewhere else, she embrace me feeling her every limb but she’s not she, she’s somewhere else far, she holds my hand ready to let me GO.

She calls my name, but looking for someone else, she waves at me but not wanting to say hello, she wanted to say goodbye but can’t say it, atleast not now,.. she asked for me but never needed me, never wanted me, she sits besides me, whispering words I should have never heard, words…words….words… I long for those words. She kiss me with her cold lips. She calls my name ready to let me GO.

She sits there, with no idea of how much I cherish every moment she sits there reading, she sits there not realizing how much I long for her to touch my hand again, she sits there without any idea how I’m excited for her to call my name. She sits there while I sit here afraid for the day she’s ready to let me GO.

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