She sits there

She sits there, not knowing what the future holds. She sits there reading but not really comprehending. She sits there thinking whats she’s thinking and not sharing whats on her mind. She sits there letting me be, holding what’s on her heart. She sits there while I sit here reading her, looking at her, trying to see what’s beneath the smile, analyzing the sentence, listening to her words with sarcasm. Listening but not really comprehending, listening but not really hearing every word, listening to her words, afraid of every word she’s uttering,.. She sits there ready to let me GO.

She holds my hand without any grip, she holds my hand but not feeling any of it, she stares at me but not seeing through me, she looks into my eyes but doesn’t mind the sadness within, she smiles but not really happy, she laughs with her empty heart, she looks at me, she walks with me, besides me but she’s somewhere else, she embrace me feeling her every limb but she’s not she, she’s somewhere else far, she holds my hand ready to let me GO.

She calls my name, but looking for someone else, she waves at me but not wanting to say hello, she wanted to say goodbye but can’t say it, atleast not now,.. she asked for me but never needed me, never wanted me, she sits besides me, whispering words I should have never heard, words…words….words… I long for those words. She kiss me with her cold lips. She calls my name ready to let me GO.

She sits there, with no idea of how much I cherish every moment she sits there reading, she sits there not realizing how much I long for her to touch my hand again, she sits there without any idea how I’m excited for her to call my name. She sits there while I sit here afraid for the day she’s ready to let me GO.


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