My partner and I went on a holiday 2 weeks ago, we went to Hong Kong and Macau. I can honestly tell you that I’ve had so much fun with this trip. We were there for 4 days and 3 nights, let me tell you that it wasn’t enough. Not in a sense that I want more time but we literally didn’t have much time to fulfill our itinerary.

We left Singapore around 6am and landed in Hong Kong almost 10am, We saw Heart Evangelista and Chiz Escudero at the immigration queue. I actually saw them first then I told Wendy (my partner) about them and she took a “paparazzi” picture and I scolded her saying we are not allowed to take some pictures in the immigration, I’m telling you this because we left the airport around 11am. You go figure what happens in between that time.

Good thing I read the news

Then we had some difficulty as well getting to our hotel, because we got lost in translation. No one can seem to understand us, well at least for those people that we asked. Then I was surprise on how some locals ignored us, I thought it was rude but then again it’s not your soil on the ground you have to adjust to the world. Anyway we found the hotel past 12pm so at this point were a bit late for our 1st stop which is Disneyland.

Like a child

We arrived at Disneyland almost 2 in the afternoon, took some pictures of the venue. I mean Wendy took pictures while me, I’m excited to be there it’s my first time so I looked around pretty much. It’s sunny yet the wind is cool that day which is perfect we took our lunch there then roam around. I first saw Buzz light year , and happily queue to get a snap shot with him. I would like you to see the picture to know what I mean when I said “happily” but I’d like to keep myself anonymous chos! haha! Then walk to hunt other Disney characters, they are not hard to find, what’s hard is to find them with a file of people but we’ve got no choice, do we? Let’s see, overall we’ve got a hold of Mickey and Minnie mouse, Buzz Light year, Tinkerbell and oh did I mention that she’s fascinating?, and that’s about it obviously queues on each character took all our time we were not able to get a snapshot with anyone else, not even the Enchanting Disney Princesses, but we saw them in the parade and without no exaggeration it was enchanting to meet them :).

Speaking of parade, this is the most wonderful part about the whole Disneyland thing. I was so happy with this parade I can almost borrow Charlie’s line in the movie Perks of being a wallflower. Seeing all those Disney characters come to life with a very upbeat happy song on the background, you know the type of soundtrack that you hear in Disney movies where everyone is having fun. I swear in that moment I was infinite! Really I was so happy like I was a child all over again. I couldn’t remove the smile on my face during the parade. We were at the Fantasy garden when the parade started, we ran as fast as we can because we don’t want to miss this program. Before the parade ends they stopped and called some kids to participate to the dancing and singing stuff. Woody, on the other hand saw Wendy trying to get a picture of him and so he posed.

After the parade, we went to Golden Mickey. It’s like a golden globe kind of program where they would highlight some of the cartoons that Disney made. They have categories and each of it will show a scene out of that movie. For example they have a category for Love so they cut a scene in Beauty and the Beast singing “Something There” then on the stage came out Belle and the Prince dancing to the tune of “Beauty And The Beast”. There’s Lilo and Stitch. Ariel and Sebastian, etc. I was expecting to see Ariel in the water not above the ground floating in the air haha! I saw Tarzan and I didn’t realized that he was a huge tall guy you know what I mean, in the cartoon sure he have some muscles but not all muscles haha! anyways it was like a 30 to 45 minutes show and it’s fun.

I forgot before we went to the Fantasy Land we went to “It’s a small world” another program for the kids that has a background song from the title of the program itself. The idea is to help you see different countries and continents by riding the boat. When your inside you will see different cultures and people singing the same song only on different languages depending on the country they are in. A lot of singing and dancing dolls, not in a creepy way, I must say. It’s basically seeing the world 🙂

We went to Magic Mickey, I guess? I forgot the name of the program, it’s a musical program where the main character is not Mickey Mouse but Donald Duck, he’s supposed to lead an orchestra with the help of Mickey’s magic hat. But the hat seems to have a life of itself because it keeps slipping Donald’s hands and as he chase the hat they also travel to different dimension or world, like it went under the sea with Ariel, then to the jungle with Simba and oh I forgot this program is like the ones in Universal Studios (USS) here in Singapore, the 3D stuff. So we wore 3D glasses and whenever there’s water splashing in the screen there’s also water splashing on our faces. The 3D is cool because it really did make everything seems so close.

So after that we went in souvenir shops because it’s getting late and the fireworks will start in an hour and a half. So better get those “pasalubongs” as we walk along the whole stretch we realized that there are some places that we hadn’t gone through yet like the Toy Story, Grizzly whatever (please bear with me I don’t remember the name of the places that much). So we checked it out, I didn’t realized that unlike USS there’s not much of rides in Disneyland I only saw a couple of it in Toy Story land to which my partner described “walang kwenta” I don’t like to take rides because I have fear of those things so she rode alone and I guess to her it’s only for kids too. You see Disneyland is for the kids and kids at heart so everything I guess, is harmless.

The last program is the Fireworks at Sleeping beauty’s castle. When we arrived in front of the castle a lot people is starting to file up so we looked for our spot but I had to leave Wendy there because her shoes is killing so I ran to get her slippers but when I got back the people already positioned themselves and sat on the pavement and I wasn’t able to squeeze myself in anymore so at the end we were not able to watch the fireworks together which is kind of upsetting specially to her because it’s supposed to be a sweet moment for us. Nonetheless I enjoyed the lights up above, you see I have a thing for lights. But I didn’t see much because there’s these tall guys in front of me I only wished Wendy had a good spot which she had apparently. It lasted a good 30 – 45 minutes I guess. What I’m sure is it’s the longest fireworks show I’ve ever seen.

And so the adventure in Disneyland ends. After this we went to the city at the Ladies market to get more pasalubong and of course see what their night market looks like. We took the MTR from Disneyland to Sunny Bay to Mongkok. By the way I super like the train from Disney to Sunny Bay so cozy, like how I like their Airport Express makes me feel that I’m traveling via train like the ones in the movies :P.

It’s almost 9pm when we arrived at the Ladies’ market and remember that I have a thing for lights? I so love the place because of the lights. It didn’t seem to be so dark to me at the time. It feels as if it’s daytime because of the lights and the people. A better version of Divisoria in the Philippines. There’s a lot of cheap things but we didn’t bought so much because we have this thinking that it’s expensive like the I love HK shirt cost around HK$100 but when we convert it to SGD it’s like S$16 only so a lot of numbers makes it expensive which is funny and interesting. We walked the whole strip of the street and bargained to the sellers, it’s kind of weird when they bargain like Wendy just went and asked how much the key chain is the lady said HK$80 so Wendy said ok thanks and were about to leave, when the lady grabbed Wendy’s arm and asked how much do you want? and Wendy said No, thank you but the lady insisted so Wendy just said 50 and then the lady said ok 50 get it!. Funny and scary at the same time, I would call it “brasohan” HK version.

That’s our DAY 1. It’s a long story because it has been a long and happy day. I will definitely go back to Disneyland I fell in love with the place and this time I want to watch the fireworks with Wendy and get a good spot. On my next entry I will tell you about our adventure in Macau!


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