10 Fascinating things about Fans that you probably didn’t know, that you should know.

I’m a fan from my skin down deep to my bones, and not everyone understands that it’s just not a hobby, it’s a BAD HABIT so bad like a member of some MAFIA you can’t quit unless of course, you die and since I’ve been reading a list of 10 things of just about everything I decided to make my own version of it.

{WARNING}: This is just for fun, not everything is necessarily true. Some might not have experienced it and some might have. Nonetheless this is just for fun.


10. Faction

We don’t get ourselves affected if Sarah said ok fine I love Gerald, We don’t get ourselves involve if Sarah said yes Rayver cheated on me. You know what we do? Nothing! Yes, nothing! You know why? Well because we’re a part of that whole Faction, and guess what? That Faction whether you like it or not is part of Sarah. So technically part of us is a part of Sarah, which technically means we’re automatically affected and involve because of her. We don’t like redundancy, do we?

9. Shameless

Contrary to the beliefs that fans are unashamed when people look at them and realized they are fans of some artist, truth is they are actually embarrassed with what they are doing, standing there for hours, shouting the artist’s name and carrying that big tarpaulin. And it’s not helping when people belittle and see them as some low life person who follows someone else’s life and so because of this I came up with….

8. Pride

They don’t let other people see that shamefacedness, they’ve got their pride and this my friend is something that they do out of love, because love needs something in return, we just don’t get to have it and not sacrifice something in return. So they stand up, they exalt the idea that it’s fun to be a fan. After all, the over flowing love and support for the artist is not meant to be kept inside. That is why they have the strength to stand for hours, shout the artist’s name and hold that banner for as long as 3 long agonizing hours.

7. Happiness

They keep on saying they want the artist to be happy when in reality they want their selves to be happy. You know why I said that? Because 7 out of 10 fans will say “her [artist] happiness is my ecstasy” (well not the exact words but the same idea). So they actually use the star to find their own happiness and they just use the “supporting” part to justify that they are happy even without the artist. Of course they will not find happiness in the artist alone, what I’m saying is that they don’t recognize that sometimes when the artist is in good spirit , fans, are actually not.

6. Buying

They don’t buy everything that the artist sells, more so if it doesn’t help their daily living. Like Globe, I personally hate them. They don’t provide the quality service that Sarah promotes! And I remember trying that magnolia fruit drink, it’s awful! I don’t know how Sarah manages to smile after that drink but sure as hell I didn’t. So when the sales are high for a particular product don’t point your finger to the fans just yet.

5. Critics

People think that fans gives flattery to the artist like they will not run out of it. Actually no! That dress didn’t look good on her, she got fat don’t you think?, her hair is a mess, she sounds tired, is she tired?, she’s off tune, she looks horrible in that make up, she doesn’t look pretty today, what kind of interview is that?, is that suppose to be an answer? Did she actually have her nose fixed? Fans asked and say these things to the artist, well not directly to them, of course. But fans, like any other people criticize the artist for all intents and purposes.

4. Friendly

I believe fans are the friendliest person in the world. They talk to a complete stranger and are friends by the end of the day and they can also be the most evil friend that you once knew. I don’t know about you but if your “used to be” friend is an officer or close to an officer of the Faction I can guarantee, your name is off the list for good. Example: If there’s a mall tour, you better find yourself another friend that can help you enter the “box” otherwise you will be standing outside, tiptoeing just to get a glimpse of the artist and all you manage to see is her hair. I’m telling you its worst than being exiled.

3. War freaks

Fans are war freaks by nature, until they mature and realize, “boy, that’s stupid I should have known better”. I regard fans as the knights of some castle, the front line of some war, the defender of some King and for that matter it’s the artist. If an artist gets involve in a scandal or intrigue, it’s not the network that 1st create the so called “damage control” it’s the front line! They engage their selves in the “internet wars” defending the honor and legacy of the artist, building walls of truths against cannon balls of lies! Then the artist will say in an interview “No comment” and I was like what the hell!!! I’m wounded! Hand severed! And all you can say is no comment! That’s when they will start to mature and say “boy, that’s stupid I should have known better”.

2. Professionals

Sure some of them didn’t earn a bachelor’s degree, some is yet to earn it, and then there are those who got themselves a professional position, even a prime position in the dog eat dog society. So don’t assume that every fan is a domestic helper in some house hold, who only has a chance to mingle on Sundays. And what if that is the case? So what?! A house hold helper earns a minimum wage of 3k+ and have an annual salary increase, they contribute to SSS and is a member of PHILHEALTH, and according to the law they have working hours and should receive a pay slip. So they have the same frame or concept of work that a professional gets in a desk job. So stop acting like you’re a totally a different person, a notch higher than them, stop discriminating and this should help you look at fans on a different light. For all we know their employers really do increase their salary every year while the professional “you” wait for that increase, you and the helper already have the same salary.

1. Cult

Some people think that fans are almost the same as cults because they praise and glorify the artist in a Godly way. It is not exactly the same way, if truth be told it’s far from being a cult. According to Wikipedia cult is a pejorative term for a new religious movement or other group whose beliefs or practices are considered abnormal or bizarre by the larger society. Well to fans glorify means being proud with all the achievement the artist has achieved. Praise means complementing them about the good characteristics they present on and off the camera. So it’s merely admiring the artist with his or her talent and good personality not really singing songs of praise and believing in miracles type of belief, that


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